We develop Artificial Intelligence Bots

Teaching computers to learn can
transform & reshape your business

Our Expertise


Applications capable of learning by its own

Applications that can self improve

Processing Natural Language for interactions

Analyzing & understanding digital images

Analyzing stats to predict outcomes

Enabling computers to recognize human speech

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Simply stated, AI enables machines to reason and perform tasks in ways that humans do. Artificial Intelligence is a collection of advanced technologies that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. Artificial intelligence is the key to machines understanding human languages. John McCarthy says “AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

Case Studies


AI driven system for classifying resumes automatically. The engine was trained on sample resumes and Machine Learning was used to improve the quality of the classification.

Mobile app for analyzing & matching pronunciation of the user. The engine was trained on sample voices and audio finger printing were used for matching the pronunciation.

Technologies We Love


Our Process

We pride ourselves on working flexibly and collaboratively. Whether you would like us to complete the full design and build of the bot, or want us to work with your existing agencies and in-house development teams, we are happy to work in the way that will deliver the best results.
  1. Knowledge Gathering

    The most important part of any project is to understand the requirements clearly from the Customer. Reviewing current capabilities to make recommendations for tools, teams, and processes. We will also put together technical documentation during this phase.

  2. Proof of Concept

    Test a small-scale system, proving the viability of our predictive models for the problem.

  3. Production

    Inserting mathematical models & algorithms into production while considering costs of implementation and maintenance during deployment.

  4. Testing

    We will test the tool for valid and invalid responses and make any updates to copy that is required to ensure the user experience is as seamless and natural as possible.

  5. Deployment

    Once the tool is approved, we will deploy it to the agreed channels and will actively monitor it in the crucial post-launch phase. We will respond quickly to make any tweaks that are needed.

  6. Improvement

    Modernization of previously built models to continuously raise the quality of insights.