Top 3 reasons to migrate to Magento 2.0


Better Page Speed in Magento 2.0

Better Checkout Process

Better Code Base

Top 3 reasons to migrate to Magento 2.0

Recently, Magento 2.0 has been launched and we have been installing, understanding and upgrading extensions on this new Magento 2.0 platform. We have already spent hundreds of hours learning this new Magento release since last few months. Lets check with our experts what is new and improved in Magento 2.0 platform:

1. Improved Page Load Speed:
Magento 2.0 system supports full page caching which means that your store pages will load much faster than before. Earlier Magento had to query database in order to render a page on user's browser. But now Magento will provide full page caching which will improve the loading time drastically.

2. Improved Checkout Process:
We, developers, are not very fond of using Magento's default checkout process for very obvious reasons. Most of the time we are using extensions like One page checkout for making a smooth checkout process. But now with the new Magento 2.0 release, you can quickly checkout as guest user, even if you are already an existing user in the store! Also, you do not require to select your Credit Card as now Magento will automatically select it based on your card numbers. Not sure why this basic thing was missing in previous Magento releases :-)

3. New Better Code Base:
Magento 2.0 has a new architecture and code base. Infact previous knowledge of Magento architecture will not be required to learn this new release. The code base is written from scratch keeping in mind the modern programing standards. So, we can assume it would be easier to write and maintain beautiful code in Magento 2.0 and the store owners will be able to engage new developers without messing the codes.

But the downside of this new code base is that all previous extensions and Magento code has to be re-written as per this new modern architecture on Magento 2.0. Also, it would be very costly for existing store owners to migrate to new Magento 2.0 platform as developers will have to work hard (read start from scratch) in order to upgrade their older Magento versions. So, if a store has lot of customized modules and Magento extensions then all of these needs to be re-developed from scratch to support the new Magento 2.0 platform.

We have already started delivering Magento 2.0 stores to our customers. Also, regularly we are getting requests for upgrading / migrating to Magento 2.0 platform and for converting old Magento extensions to new Magento 2.0 release. We are excited to experiment and use new features of Magento 2.0 platform in all our stores and hope to build efficient & profitable stores for our customers.
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