Tricks to speed up Magento store!

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Tricks to speed up Magento store!

If your e-store is slow then the customers are not going to buy from you. Various research has shown that your customer is not likely to buy from your Magento store if it is too slow in performance. So, if you want to optimize the performance of your Magento store then you should try these tricks on your Magento store.

1. Remove unused Extensions and blocks:

First of all you should remove all unused extensions and text blocks from layout xml file. Also, if possible, you should use a light template for your store.

2. Keep logging off:

Keep logging off in your Magento store. It is always on by default.

3. Compress / Minify JavaScript and CSS:

The JavaScript and CSS needs to be compressed to save bandwidth & time during web surfing. You can try tools available online free for this purpose such as,, etc.

4. Minify / Compress images:

You should compress images in your Magento website by using tools like,,, etc

5. Combine Javascript & CSS:

You can easily enable combining Javascript and combine CSS files in Magento. Go to System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer- Set Javascript settings and CSS Settings to Yes

6. Use CSS sprites:

By using CSS sprites we can reduce the number of images by combining them into one image sprite file.

7. Enable GZIP compression:

Enabling GZIP compression in APACHE or your webserver can reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files sent over the network.

8. Install Lazy Loader for images:

We should load images on demand, when required, by using Lazy image loader extensions in Magento.

9. Use expires headers:

Use expire headers for reducing the number of HTTP requests between server and browsers.

10. Enable KeepAlives in Apache:

Enabling the KeepAlives feature in webserver (Apache) settings, can keep the connection between browser and server alive. This can help in enhancing the communication speed between them.

11. Enable Magento caching:

Enabling all Magento caching can speed up the load time of your pages. You can do this by logging into your Admin panel and changing Cache management settings.

12. Enable Memcache:

You can enable Memcached in Magento for speeding up the Magento application.

13. Install Varnish caching:

Installing Varnish can further reduce the time of loading pages.

14. Set expiry for static files:

In Apache, you should enable the module “mod_expire” to set expiry of the static files.

15. Enable MySQL Caching:

Enable the MySQL query chache in MySQL server for decreasing the time in executing database queries.

Thats it! Implement these above simple tricks and let us know your results. We hope that these above tricks will help you to optimize the speed of your Magento store and can result in providing satisfying experience to your customers at your Magento website. However, if you need any assistance in speeding up your Magento store then do not forget to contact us by filing the form on this page.
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