One Step Checkout : A Must Have Extension for an E-commerce Store

OneStepCheckout Magento 2 Extension Combat Cart Abandonment

One Step Checkout : A Must Have Extension for an E-commerce Store

When it comes to E-Commerce checkout optimization, there is so much that can be done. We know that 70% of your customers will abandon during checkout. If your checkout seems long and tedious, it is likely that customers just would not bother going through it. Customer visits an ecommerce site to buy the product, not to answer a questionnaire. This is absolutely right, if they are already on the border line about making the purchase.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension helps to reduce cart abandonment rate and increases the conversion rate substantially. This extension will help you to create a single checkout page with all necessary information such as billing address, shipping and payment method on one page. With One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2, customers does not have to go through long checkout process which reduces checkout time and makes it as simple as possible. The significant increase in the store's conversion rate after installing our One Step Checkout module amazingly surprises the e-commerce vendors.

Why Medma One Step Checkout is the best?

1.Optimized Checkout page: The shorter the checkout process, the more effectively it works. If checkout process covers upto several pages, it creates a feeling of the process complexity. Medma OneStepCheckout looks easy and compact as it has all the fields that must be filled in at one page.

2.100% Open Source & Customizable: One Step Checkout is built for magento which is an open-source software written in PHP. Therefore there is no limitations to customise it as per the requirement or online store functionality.

3.Easy to install and customize: Installation of OneStepCheckout Magento 2 Extension is very easy, one need not to be a professional magento developer. Simple knowledge about magento is enough to do the installation. Its customisation is also not tat tough as it is based on open source technology, Magento.

4.Supports nearly 100% Payment, Shipping methods: E-commerce website owners loose various customers if they have a one step checkout module which supports only few payment and shipping methods. Our one step checkout module supports almost all the payment methods that are available for magento.

5.Instant Page Loading: By keeping all the relevant details in one single page, users can edit the information as well as check all the details about the orders effectively with great speed. One-step-checkout does exactly the same. It compiles the checkout page to a single page enabling the customers to experience an outstanding shopping experience with no fuzz.

Thus all the above description speaks aloud about the main competitive advantages of our OneStepCheckout Extension. So, do not miss an opportunity to increase conversion rate and sales in your Magento online store, Buy Medma One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension now!
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