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Ease of Communication

Your project needs, quick & efficient communication. Our dedicated developers are available through text chat, video & audio calls. They use all kinds of latest tools like Slack, Skype, Hangout, Yammer, GotoMeeting, Hipchat & WebEx for virtual meetings.

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It was the best experience working with my dedicated developer. He was truly an expert in PHP and was very reliable & capable of handling my complex project!

Jamec T. Will

Founder, DroneSwitch, New York

Efficient Project Management

Monitoring progress of your project & team requires efficient software. Our project management tool includes milestone tracker, gantt chart, to-do-tasks, bug tracking, discussion boards and many other such features. And we love Trello, Asana, RedMine, Basecamp, Jira etc.

Strict Version Control

Multiple teams working on a single code base? No problem! We use the best version control systems to track changes in your project files. We manage source code by using Git, Bitbucket and SVN.

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Quick Collaboration

Better collaboration is the key to success of your project. You can share your documents and files with our dedicated developer via using our cloud infrastructure. We are comfortable using Google Docs, Dropbox, Google Drive, Huddle and Hackpad.

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I had total control on my project. I was able to monitor my dedicated developer remotely and was getting periodic screenshots of his computer. Amazing!

Robertson Butler

Project Manager, Eypic Sys

Time Zone Advantage

Working in two different time zones works in your favor. You can assign task and go to sleep, while your dedicated developer will work to complete it before you wake up! You can infact schedule many tasks in advance and manage time differences by using tools like IDoneThis, Calendly, Meetin.gs etc.

Coordinating with Others

Working alone is boring. We love other teams too! We are happy to co-ordinate with your previous or existing team of designers, coders and testers. We love to work in a team to achieve common goals.

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Honest pricing

Only $500 /wk for each developer you hire. Our invoices have no surprises and you can easily predict your monthly cost. You only pay for the time spent on your project and nothing else. You get complete details of work in each invoice we send.

Custom PHP Web Development

I had doubts initially but my developer was good enough to take charge and complete my project on time. He interacted with my other design team as well and coordinated beautifully.

Tim Ruybell

Director, Netro iHub

Transparent Reporting

We believe in transparency. You get screen shots of developer desktop regularly to keep you informed about what he is working on. All the hours are logged against each task. You get automatic alerts from our system whenever task gets created, message posted, team assigned, milestone completes etc.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Only authorized users are allowed to access your project and view files. All sensitive information is encrypted, stored securely and regularly backed up. Anybody who works on your project signs a non-disclosure to protect your confidential information.

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