World Managers is a football facebook app. Its a football game engine having multiple level or level wise game play selection and its management. This game is totally based on the permutation and the combination so submitting an action might not generate the response for the actions for whom it generates response normally.






The Client's existing web application CFL is a MMORPG game that requires Design & developing a virtual football manager game simulation engine which allow its users to create football teams, & manage their teams in a virtual Football game. It was a high quality football application used to create football teams, & manage their teams in a virtual Football game and other effects thereby giving a great look and feel experience for the users.



The purpose is to design 18 zones in the game and the player is restricted to perform definite actions from definite zones corresponding to which alert would be raised while game is being played.

Our Approach


Whenever player attempts the goal then it would depend upon the attributes of the player and the goalkeeper that whether it would be goal or not.

Difference We Made


Our development team tried to bring together creativity, skill, imagination, technology and one of the best user experience practices especially over facebook which is quickly becoming the preferred choice for gaming and other activities. We designed the facebook football app that is visually exciting, addictive in nature as well as in experience and have the potential to attract our users.



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