Development of Flash designing tool which can be integrated on any product website to provide customization of products and ordering of customized product.


What was the problem?


Browser based application, dynamic settings from XML, validating printing margins, available colors and font in a design, integrating in various domains.



The purpose was to provide user friendly, browser based customization tool capable of designing the look & feel of products like glasses, mugs, cups etc. The tool was to be integrated in various websites so all the configuration was to be supplied as XML.

Our Approach


As the client wanted to integrate this tool in variety of websites so we had to keep the settings of the application in XML. Even Clip art path, website URl, color available, font size were all coming from an XML API in the flash tool.

Difference We Made


We made this browser based application by using AS2. Any user can select product to be customized then can add texts, select color of texts, font size etc and can order product after he is satisfied with his customization. There were different categories of clipart & products to be chosed from.



AS2 XML PHP API driven