This is an excellent iphone under the category photos and videos. With photo only features, Quick Draw Cam serves as your fast camera app for instant photos. Start the app and it'll automatically snap your first photo with your rear camera.






Quick Draw Cam is an app that was originally created to deal with a couple bugaboos with the built-in camera app - having to make sure the camera's pointed the right way and that the app isn't set to video.

Our Approach


Our approach is to lock the focus and exposure separately for fine tuned photos; and also to have the ability to snap several photos in a row (for action for instance). Quick Draw Cam also gives you this flexibility.

Difference We Made


1) User can also take more photos with custom settings or simple point-and-shoot inside.
2) An automatic LED flash override.
3) A choice between 15 or 50 point grid for your focus and exposure lock, providing greater control over your composure control.
4) A responsive manual zoom slide bar selector.