This is a Accounting application for Enterprises to be used on MAC, PC and Linux systems. Build with AIR and powered with PHP & MySQL database, the application can be used by multiple users in any company.


What was the problem?


Record conflicts, Validating login, Validating installation license, multiple users at multiple locations with single database and multiple access levels.



The purpose was to provide a desktop application where multiple users of the same organization can do accounting and the application will sync all records of the users together.

Our Approach


As the application was to be used by multiple users on multiple platforms, so we developed it by using AIR. All the accounting records are temporarily stored in local SQLite database and then transferred to remote MYSQL server later.

Difference We Made


We provided a very easy to use user interface where records of a company can be added and modified by multiple users simultaneously. Even two persons can directly work upon a single record and then the last updated record will be migrated to the central database automatically.