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OrangeHRM is an Open Source Human Resource Management Solution ( HRMS ) and is used by the Businesses Worldwide. It emerges as a best tool for the new generation of web HR solutions. OrangeHRM provides Perfect Solution for medium or small sized Business to effeciently manage their Human Resource Management in a Cost-effective manner. Easy to install and Easy to use OrangeHRM offers Complete and excellent set of Human Resource Management tools which will make Organizations to easily manage and develop their HR requirements and activities in an effective manner.


1) Easy to use and install.
2) Affordable for all : It is an Open Source framework and can be downloaded from OrangeHRM website and can be used at absolutely no cost or limitations.
3) Adjustable and Customizable : we can customize orangehrm features as per Company's requirements.

  • WITH OrangeHRM WE CAN 

* Easily mange job categories.
* Manage all aspects of Human Resource activities.
* Define job skills and requirement.
* Record and measure employee performance.
* Manage your employee Leave.
* Manage Company Recruitment Process.
* Allow employees to log-in to the system and update their personal information independently.
* Set-up employee benefit criteria.
* Manage Project info

Orangehrm is an Human Resource Management System that facilitates users with all kind of HR services such as Employee service, attendance and time, leave policy, amendments in company and recruitment process of Company. OrangeHRM provides various modules to sufficiently handles your Organization HRM activities and daily Human Resource Operations.

OrangeHRM is based on modular architecture and consists of the following modules :

1) Admin Module - In this section you can manage all tasks related to system administration. It may include company's rules and norms, salary structure, pay grades etc.

2) PIM Module - This module maintains employee related information such as employee details, employee personal information, previous work experience etc. Information captured in this module is utilized by all other modules, thus eliminating data redundancy.

3) Employee Self Service Module (ESS) - Employee Self Service Module (ESS) is a powerful tool that enables employees of the company to view and update their relevant information over the Internet. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy, where everyone can only view the information he/she is authorized to.

4) Leave Module - This modules enables you to manage all the employee related services. It caters for all application and approval processes and is able to display information on leave entitlement, remaining leaves, CL, SL , balance, history etc

5) Time Module - This module manages all the time related tasks. It allows all the employess to define and submit their timesheets. The module has the functionality for the tracking employee attendance, as the employees can enter their in and out times. Using time module section employees can also define the time they needed to complete a project or task and the time spend on a particular project by them.

6) Reports Module - Using this feature you can customize your reports as per your needs. Any number of reports can be defined by selecting from a range of search criteria and report fields.

7) Benefit Module - This module illustrates on the company’s Health Saving Plan policies. It allows you to define company's plans and policies related to employee benefits.

8) Recruitment Module - This module deals with the entire recruitment process of a company in an effective and well organized manner. The bulky and manual recruitment procedures have been changed into a flexible, user friendly, efficient process.

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